The New Suzani Gallery

At last a beautiful spacious and light gallery at my own home where I can unfold and exhibit and celebrate Suzanis and their unique beauty. It always makes me sad that Suzanis have to spend so much time folded away. Now at last I hope to give the Suzanis from Suzaniroom all the chance to be exhibited and admired. The Gallery will be open afternoons from 2 to 6 by appointment only and It will be a beautiful space where friends can visit to learn more about this ancient tradition and see first hand just how glorious they really still are. Photographs do not do them justice, you have to see and experience a Suzani to “feel” her quiet language of motifs and colours. The gallery will be ready for visits by the 14th January. The old Suzaniroom will still be the “heart of Suzanis” and the new gallery the exhibition space.